When I saw this posted online I had a good long chuckle. Having just been in this place, I am all too familiar with this process. My question is, why does it have a negative connotation? Now I get that in the description the word “ignore” is used. Obviously it never feels good when you are the one being ignored. However, why does it seem like it’s so hard for people to celebrate the love of their friends? Be honest: is there a smidge of jealousy involved here? Or is the person harming them somehow? That’s another story. If not then I know that when my friends find a new love I absolutely encourage their time of hiding! More power to you. I’m happy that you’ve found someone you’d like to spend all your time with. We all know that this hibernation isn’t going to last forever…or at least we hope it doesn’t. So when you’re ready to hang out, or when you guys are arguing, or when you just get plain ol’ sick of being all up in each others faces, come find me & I’ll be ready to hang again. Until then, “hiberdate” away 😉 

Have you been a “hiberdater” or do you have a friend that is? I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts below…