New Year. New Month. New Day. New LIFE! Welcome to #januaryfresh…

It is 2016! You made it here and you’re still in your right mind…or maybe you’re barely holding on. Whatever the case, you’ve found the right place. We are here to discuss starting over anew. We’re going to dissect all the things love is & all the things it isn’t.

Welcome to #januaryfresh.

This is a month long exercise to regain your emotional health. You are welcome to join us everyday no matter what stage of love you are in. I know that some of you are fresh out of a relationship & just need that extra encouragement to move on. Maybe you’ve been trying to let go for a long time & have never really been able to shake that one person from your system. Perhaps you are in a relationship now & deep down in your core you know that you need to let them go. You are welcome here. Let’s talk about it. Here’s how this works:

*Each day I will be introducing a new topic. I want to hear from you. Don’t have me thinking I’m the only person that’s been through these things guys! I welcome your comments & your thoughts…no judgement allowed.

*We will be discussing themes addressed in my book ‘The 21 Day Ex-Boyfriend Cleanse’ so it is helpful to follow along. Order your copy here: (partner w/ a friend & receive a discounted price…contact me for info 😉

Please feel free to tune in whether or not you are doing the Book Cleanse in addition. You can join the conversation anytime during the month of January.

SO…January 1st is here. Let’s begin!

To kick off, tell me anything in the world about yourself & what stage of love you are in…

a. happily loving self

b. seeking love

c. currently in a loving relationship

d. Eff you I don’t want to talk about it.

Hello my name is Aba. I’ve been through a few breakups (amicable, horrible, great, cheated on, and more horrible.) After my last relationship, I was committed to landing in love & spending my life with someone. I met my beau soon after & we have been married for nearly 3 yrs. (c) I am doing this because I know how terrible it feels to have to let love go & I feel drawn to support the heartbroken. I am pretty much an open book so ask me whatever you feel. (If for some reason it’s in the .007 percent of things I do not want to discuss I will absolutely be honest about why.) So there’s a smidge about me. The most important thing that I want to tell you, if you get nothing else from this, is I believe that you can & you will love again.

Tomorrow we’ll dig into the meaty stuff. Today, tell me about you…