The Love Bubble

Sinking into you like a spell so quick. 

The Love Bubble aka The Honeymoon Phase aka when you’re lost all up in his sauce.

Have you ever been lost in the love bubble before? It’s that moment in time where it feels like you’re living in a Disney fairy-tale. He could do no wrong. You are head over heels. The world is non existent as long as you have each other. When it literally, physically hurts to be apart. Yea, remember that feeling?

The love bubble is a fantastic place to be…for a while. See it is a place you visit, hang out for some time, buy a souvenir perhaps, but please don’t move in and set up shop in love bubble country. Do you know anyone who’s ever gotten stuck there? Have you ever been blinded by the promises of forever that you were stuck there yourself?

What happens on love bubble island is that we expect the feelings to stay forever, and sometimes they do! Now for the rest of the 99% of us, at some point you realize that you are both flawed human beings. He says something that doesn’t agree with your morals. Maybe his response to something you do makes you view him an a new light. You go through things that cause you to second guess whether or not you could really spend forever with him. Whatever the case, this is when the relationship touches down and becomes real. This is when you get the chance to crawl through the trenches together. Either you will make it to the other side still holding hands, or you will come out alone with a lesson learned.

If you know that you are currently a love bubble resident, please seek advice from a trusted confidant before making any life changing decisions with your man. People that love you (outside of your bubble) are well able to see if what you are walking into is best for you in the long run. Now if you disagree, then by all means do what your heart tells you, but please try your best not to damage any friendships in the process. Remember that they ultimately just want what is best for you…unless you have that one friend who is always a hater. If someone came to mind when you read that, maybe you need to have a friendship reevaluation conversation asap…

Anywhoo! There’s nothing wrong with hanging out on in the love bubble mansion, just make sure you’re getting great advice, and that you’re taking your time in making important decisions.

If you just crawled out of the trenches alone, hold on to your faith and sanity with everything in you. You took a chance and there is NOTHING wrong with that. You have learned something valuable that you can apply to make yourself the best you possible. Most importantly, I believe that when the time is right for you,

you can and you will love again.

What say you friends? Have you ever visited the beaches of love bubble island? Talk to me.